03 - Utilities Software

 1. …………are pre written software that are stored in compiled format and can be included by the programmer within one or more programs
e.g: Library function from the mathematics library <cmath> in C++ is sqrt (which is used to calculate a square root)



 2. Utility programs are a range of systems software that are designed to help the ………………….. to manage, maintain and optimise the system.





 3. Main functions of utility programs include:

  All of the above are main functions of utility programs

  file compression and anti-virus protection

  data synchronisation, firewall, memory testing

  disk formatting

 4. A utility program is designed to do one or two tasks extremely well and nothing else.



 5. If you wanted to compress a file to let you save it to a flash drive you could use a …..

  None of the above

  file compression utility program (e.g. Windows zip program)

  operating system (like windows)

  CPU driver (inbuilt to all operating systems)

 6. Which of the following, from the list below, are common tasks that are carried out by various utility programs.
File sorting
File renaming
File conversion (e.g. convert a sound file to MP3)
File repair
Disk monitoring and defragmentation (defragging)
Printing jobs
Backing up data.

  All of the items on the list are valid

  All of them except for File repair (as file repair is not performed by utility software)

  File repair, and Disk monitoring and defragmentation

  File Sorting and File renaming

 7. …………..involves rearranging the information on a disk so that files appear in continuous sequences of clusters



  None of the above


 8. The following excerpt explains what happens when files are deleted. Fill in the blanks
When files are deleted, unused clusters become available for reuse. 
These can end up being distributed across a drive, especially if the 
original files were small.

If a large file is then written to a drive, its data could be spread across 
different clusters leading to ....................................

  None of the above

  file fragmentation.



 9. Security utilities include:


  All of the above

  encryption and anti virus software

  user accounts

 10. ……………………….utilities can make a copy of all information stored on a disk, and restore either the entire disk (e.g. in an event of disk failure)