10 - GPUs and their uses

 1. What does GPU stand for?

  Generalised Processing Unit

  Graph Providing Unicode

  Graphics Processing Unit

  Graphical Prefiguration Universal

 2. A graphics card is an example of a CPU.



 3. A GPU is a type of …





 4. GPUs usually have a single core.



 5. GPU architecture is …





 6. Why is this an advantage for rendering images?

  The GPU uses less energy than the CPU

  Many blocks of pixel data can be processed at the same time

  Linear tasks can be performed more quickly

  The GPU can produce a wider range of colours than the CPU

 7. Some calculations can be performed faster by GPUs than CPUs.



 8. Software can be written so that the code is split and run on …

  the CPU and the RAM

  the GPU and the RAM

  the GPU and hard drive

  the CPU and the GPU

 9. GPUs are also useful for other applications: e.g. scientific, engineering and data analysis.



 10. GPUs have also been used effectively to …

  manage virtual storage

  mine Bitcoins

  run general programmes

  run operating systems