04 - Logical reasoning and Maths aptitude

 1. Can you predict which object comes next in this series?





 2. Read the following statements, and then analyze which conclusions logically follow: (note - if it is not absolutely 100% possible to know, assume it is not conclusive)

All Titanians are Ultas.
Some Ultas are Xanadorans.

Here is a list of conclusions that may or may not 
logically follow from the statements above:

A =Some Ultas are Xanadorans.
B =Some Xanadorans are Ultas.
C =Some Titanians are Xanadorans.
D =All Titanians are Xanadorans.

Which of the above conclusions logically follow?     

  A and B

  Only B

  A, B and C

  B and C

 3. Find the next number in the following series: 3968 63 8 3





 4. Find the next number in the following series:15 12 13 10 11 8





 5. Find the next number in the series: 1 3 6 10
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