03 - General Computing knowledge aptitude (Theory)

 1. Work out the logic in the following excerpt and select the correct answer
If a = 2
and a = b
then a + b = ?





 2. Analyse the logic in the given excerpt to work out whether the conclusion is true or false.
if a = 3
and b < a
and c > b
then c must be greater than 3. 



 3. The internet - that you probably use every day(!) - is …..

  a large coordination of satellites in the international space station

  a network of networks

  All of the above

  fourteen super computers in the USA that act as a high ground server

 4. What is 3 in this base 2 language of XY?
A new base 2 language uses only two symbols

X and

Consider the following and answer the question: 
XX = 0
XY = 1
YX = 2
What is 3 in this base 2 language of XY?





 5. Why do computers only 'understand' 1s and 0s?

  Because they are incapable of more complex calculations

  Because they are ultimately made up of small circuits (switches) that can either be on or off

  Because they deal in small packets and packets can only be either one or two in size

  All of the above

 6. There are 25 horses. You must find the fastest 3. In each race, only 5 horses can run at the same time. What's the minimum number of races required to find the 3 fastest horses without a stopwatch?





 7. Suppose p is the number of cars per minute passing through a certain road junction between 5 PM and 6 PM, and p has a Poisson distribution with mean 3. What is the probability of observing fewer than 3 cars during any given minute in this interval?
Note: Link for information about the Poisson distribution





 8. What is the output for the following?
There are two parallel roads, each containing N and M buckets, respectively. Each bucket may contain some balls. 
The buckets on both roads are kept in such a way that they are sorted according to the number of balls in them. 
Mr Moose starts from the end of the road which has the bucket with a lower number of balls(i.e. if 
buckets are sorted in increasing order, then geek will start from the left side of the road).
The geek can change the road only at the point of intersection(which means, buckets with the same 
number of balls on two roads). Now you need to help Mr Moose to collect the maximum number of balls.

The first line of input contains T denoting the number of test cases. 
The first line of each test case contains two integers N and M, denoting 
the number of buckets on road1 and road2 respectively. 2nd line of each 
test case contains N integers, number of balls in buckets on the first road. 
3rd line of each test case contains M integers, number of balls in buckets 
on the second road.

For each test case output a single line containing the maximum possible balls that Mr Moose can collect.

1<= T <= 1000
1<= N <= 10^3
1<= M <=10^3
0<= A[i],B[i]<=10^6

5 5
1 4 5 6 8
2 3 4 6 9

What is the output? 





 9. Out of all the 2-digit integers between 1 and 100, a 2-digit number has to be selected at random. What is the probability that the selected number is not divisible by 7?





 10. Suppose a fair six-sided die is rolled once. If the value on the die is 1, 2, or 3, the die is rolled a second time. What is the probability that the sum total of values that turn up is at least 6?





 11. The present age of Vulk and Adam are in ratio of 3:4 respectively. After 5 years, the ratio of their ages becomes 7:9 respectively. What is Adam's present age?





 12. A person’s present age is one third of the age of his mother. After 12 years, his age will be one half of the age of his mother. What is present age of his mother?





 13. A is as older than B as he is younger than C.If the sum of ages of B and C is 68 years. What is the present age of A?





 14. Given the sequence of terms, AD CG FK JP, the next term is





 15. The product of two numbers is 108 and the sum of their squares is 225. The difference of the number is: