07 - Units of Information (how we get memory)

 1. What is a bit?
note: If you are able to, give this video a watch. It will provide a context for this quiz and units of information. 

  The smallest unit of data in a computer

  A 0 or a 1

  All of the given options are valid

  A binary digit

 2. A bit has a single binary value -either 0 or 1



 3. The value of a bit is usually stored as either above or below a designated level of electrical charge in a single capacitor within a memory device.



 4. A group of four bits, or half a byte, is sometimes called a ____________________

  byte or bit

  kilobyte or megabyte

  terrabyte or gigabyte

  nibble or nybble.

 5. 1 byte refers to …

  5 bits

  1 bit

  8 bits

  2 bits

 6. 1 byte can be used to store

  one mp3 song

  114 minutes of DVD Video

  a number from 0 to 255

   page of text from a novel

 7. This shows a memory stick with….

  16 bytes of memory

  No memory

  16 GB of memory

  32 bits of memory

 8. bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes etc are all used to…

  hold the parts of a computer together

  perform calculations and store memory

  describe disk space, data storage or the capacity of system memory

  create the mother board

 9. A bit can be used to:

  store a single number up to the value of 255

  hold the answer to a yes/no or true/false question

  store a single number up to the value of 55

  store a single letter like A

 10. A byte can be used to

  store a number from 0 to 255543474562

  None of these options are valid answers

  store a word like 'CAT'

  store a single letter like A

 11. The symbol for byte is uppercase B. 16 bytes would be written as





 12. A kilobyte is thought of as approximately 1000 bytes but to be accurate it is:

  102 bytes

  12 bytes

  2024 bytes (which is 2 to the power of 10)

  1024 bytes (2 to the power of 10)

 13. Have a look at the table below which shows the units of information leading to memory. Fill in the blanks

  None of the above

  1024 TB

  1000 Bytes

  1024 GB

 14. Look at the wikipedia list of sizes with examples below. What is the blank most likely to be?

  A large hard drive

  The size of facebook's servers

  A Music file (e.g. mp3)


 15. A 1TB hard disk could hold about….

  half of a high definition movie (You would need 2TB to store a full movie)

  20,000 complete high definition movies

  150 complete high definition movies

  1 complete high definition movie

 16. A petabyte is equivalent to 1024 Terabyes. Which of the statements is true?

  A petabyte is a unit of information equal to one thousand million

  Approximately 10 million photos that exist on Facebook amount to 10000 petabytes worth of data

  According to CISCO, in 2016 internet traffic for the whole world was approximately 0.3 petabytes per day!

   Data centers and super computers used petabytes of memory

 17. With over a billion daily active users, Facebook is the third-busiest site on the internet, according to Alexa. Which statement is true?
Some interesting facts about Facebook
Facebook's system processes 2.5 billion pieces of content 
and 500+ terabytes of data each day. 
It's pulling in 2.7 billion Like actions and 300 million photos 
per day, and it scans roughly 105 terabytes of data each half hour.

  It's estimated that they have over 1 trillion bits of storage, growing by several million bits per day

  It's estimated that they have approximately 100TB of storage as of 2018

  It’s estimated that they have over 200 petabyte of storage, growing by several terabytes a day.

  It's estimated that they have about 200,000 kilobytes of storage, growing by 1 million bits per day

 18. An MP3 music track is about:

  3 - 5 MB

  1000 bits

  1 - 100 KB

  1 - 3 KB

 19. A typical high definition movie is about:

  10,000 bits


  256 TB

  120 KB

 20. A single text character (like 'E') can be stored in….

  128 bytes minimum

  a byte

  a bit

  1GB (typically 1GB is needed per character)