04 - Famous Tech Companies

 1. What was the 'Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company' renamed in 1924?





 2. Who was the first customer of the Ferranti Mark I, the first commercially available general purpose electronic computer?

  Bank of England

  University of Manchester

  Barclays Bank

  Royal Navy

 3. Which company was founded in this California garage?

  Sun Microsystems




 4. What did Bell Laboratories invent in 1947?

  The transistor

  The compact disk

  The mouse

  The photocopier

 5. The Intel 1103 was the first ever Dynamic Access Memory (DRAM) chip.



 6. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers on April Fool's Day 1976.



 7. What home computer did Sinclair Research launch in 1982?


  BBC Micro

  XZ Spectrum


 8. The Gavilan SC launched in 1983 is generally considered to be the first what?

  Cash register



  Laser printer

 9. IBM sold its PC division to Lenovo in 2004.



 10. In what year did Apple launch the first Iphone?