01 - History of the Internet

 1. Early computers were often connected to terminals by a 'LAN' - what does this stand for?

  Leading Addition Notation

  Local Area Networks

  Litmus Arena Numerals

  Liminal Archive Neurology

 2. What did Donald Davies devise at the UK National Physical Laboratory?

  Packet switching

  Classless inter-domain routing

  Search engines

  The internet service provider

 3. What was the name of the packet switching network built for the US Department of Defence in 1969?





 4. The word 'internet' was first used in 1974 as a shortened form of what term?



  International data transfer


 5. Commercial use of the internet was at first forbidden.



 6. Many countries developed their own packet switching networks.



 7. What are the TCP/IP protocols introduced in 1983 and still in use today?

  Codes of conduct

  Brands of antiseptic

  Data privacy protocols

  The communications protocols used on the internet

 8. Who devised the concept of the world wide web, the web server and web browser?

  Tim Berners-Lee

  Steve Jobs

  Guido van Rossum

  John Von Neumann

 9. What web browser is credited with popularising the internet by first showing text and pictures on the same page?





 10. What percentage of the world's population is estimated to have used the internet by 2015?