01 - Systems Life Cycle

 1. The software development life cycle is the name of the overall process of …….

  coding whilst cycling, which is the highest level of accomplishment

  None of the above

  developing software from start to finish

  developing a cycle that resembles software

 2. When starting any new software project, it is important to ______ how it will be developed and maintained




  code directly

 3. The process is known as a cycle because …

  it was developed by famous cyclist Robert Cyclic

  all software must 'cycle' through the coding stages before the program is designed.

  it is square in nature, and squares resemble cycles

  even when a piece of software is finished, it might be necessary to go back to the beginning

 4. It is important to follow a process when developing software in order to….

  All of the above

  be able to test more thoroughly and be aware of the potential risks involved

  be able to work out the feasibility of development as well as the estimated time

  allow a team of people to work together and have a cohesive plan

 5. A system may be in the testing stage and the user/client may change their design requirements. What happens now?

  The process would return to the design and implementation stages again.

  Nothing - the project will have to be cancelled

  The only solution would be to complete testing and then forcably bill the client

  None of the above

 6. The spiral method and the waterfall model are both life cycles that take ….

  the looping that occurs (i.e. returning to previous stages) in to consideration

  life seriously and therefore have made the 'life cycle' list

  the client through a series of testing stages that can only be done once

  None of the above

 7. Typically, all projects will start with the problem definition stage and end with the maintenance stage but…

  the process is not always linear

  the process is always linear

  None of the above apply

  the process is not always going to involve any design or testing as this is not necessary

 8. In a typical systems life cycle the design stage will come after the implementation and testing



 9. What occurs in the problem definition and analysis stage?

  It could involve interviews with other users of the current system to identify the existing problems

  It could involve interviews with management of the current system to get their views

  All of the above

  It could involve observation of the current manual system to see how it works

 10. Which of the following are tools/features or things that could be part of the design stage?
Use of Gantt Charts
Maintenance Comments and Documentation
CPA (Critical Path Analysis)
Testing Software
Project Management Software
End User Testing records
List of the Data inputs, outputs, processing
Implementation of code
User interface designs (wireframes)
Flow charts

  All of the above

  None of the above


  Only 1,2,3 and 11

 11. The _____________ stage looks at the overall project and considers how things went.





 12. Ideally, the evaluation will also involve a selection of end-users



 13. The ___________ phase continues for the lifetime of the system. The_____________ documentation is needed to support this.

  testing / design

  maintenance / technical

  analysis / design

  problem definition / analysis

 14. With the ______ model, if everything goes as expected, the project cascades through the systems life cycle, one after the other.




  None of the above

 15. The ___________ model is preferred over the ____________ model if the system is brand new and has a large number of unknowns or uncertainties



  None of the above