05 - Malicious Code

 1. _________ is short for malicious software.





 2. Malicious sofware is designed to cause damage or seriously disrupt the computer system that it is attacking.



 3. Malware is an all-encompassing term for a number of threats. Which of the following is NOT Malware?
Trojan Horse
AntiVirus Software


  Virus and Trojan Horse

  Spyware and Adware

  Sinware and AntiVius Software

 4. A computer virus is:

  A biological atom that infiltrates computer systems and causes harm

  A computer program that infiltrates a computer system and replicates itself / causes damage

  A biological organism that is engineered by a hacker to be injected via a cable into a computer network

  None of the above

 5. A trojan horse is a type of malware that is disguised as a harmless file or download.
When the seemingly harmless file is downloaded, the malware is downloaded with it and causes harm.



 6. Spyware are programs that inject adverts into pages and programs on your computer with the aim that the hacker gets advertising revenue



 7. Spyware gathers data about people without their knowledge, including sensitive data like passwords



 8. You can minimise the risk of malware by:

  running regular system scans

  installing Anti Virus software

  All of the above

  avoiding going to unknown or 'dodgy' websites

 9. Some spyware can even use your laptop or comptuer's webcam without your knowledge!



 10. A worm can spread from device to device but unlike a virus they don’t….
An example of a worm is malware that will copy itself onto your email account and send an unauthorised copy of something to all your email contacts

  copy themselves hundreds of times

  harm your device

  spread at all

  attach themselves to other programs