01 - Introduction to Cyber Security

 1. Networks like the internet are wonderful inventions and they are risk-free and completely safe.
Note: The video provides an insight into cyber security



 2. The security that is associated with networks and particularly the internet is called:

  cyber security or 'cybersecurity'

  cyber dangerauthority

  internet safehavenity

  sentinel security

 3. One method of data interception is:

  logging in to an authorised web server

  listening to radio waves with a thermometer

  breaking into a cable and physically peering through it

  listening to communications between users without their permission

 4. If you are sending confidential information over the internet, such as purchasing something, you should always:

  use https

  use ftp

  use http

  use smtp

 5. Criminals that operate on networks like the internet are sometimes called:

  criminal netties



  cyber criminals

 6. A hacker recognises the value in your _____________________ and this is often the target of a cyber attack.

  public encryption key

  personal data

  model of phone or device

  house number

 7. The good news is that complete prevention of any attack is possible as all attack methods are now known.



 8. Fill in the blanks on the following definition of cyber security
Cybersecurity, computer security or IT security is the protection of 
computer systems from _____ of or ______ to their hardware, 
software or electronic data, as well as from disruption or 
misdirection of the services they provide

  unauthorised use / damage

  theft / authorised editing

  theft / shine

  validation / verification

 9. ____________are weaknesses in design, implementation, operation or internal control.
Most of the _________________ that have been discovered are documented in the Common _________________ and Exposures (CVE) database





 10. Vulnerabilities are often hunted or exploited with the aid of automated tools or manually using customized scripts