02 - Validation and Verification

 1. _______________ seeks to ensure that the data entered is valid for further processing by the program handling it



  None of the above


 2. Two methods of verification include:

  Double checking manually and parity checking

  None of the above

  Outing and Virusing

  Using a validation drop down box

 3. Range validation is when…

  the inputs can fall within an unlimited range of values

  the inputs have to fall within certain values

  the inputs must be text only else a 'range' error occurs

  the inputs must contain the word 'range'

 4. Verification is ensuring that the data entered is …





 5. Checking to see if the entered value is within the allowed number of characters is called a FORMAT CHECK



 6. An example of range validation would be ...
If you are able, watch the video to see if you can follow the creation of 
validation using regular expressions

  for the entry of 'age', only the correct age of the user would be accepted and would need verification

  for the entry of user age, do not allow them to enter a negative number

  None of these options apply

  for the entry of 'name' only the name 'John' would be allowed

 7. Entry of a national insurance number may require validation of the following kind:

  None of the above

  virus check

  validation authentication factor check

  format check

 8. A white list is a list of data that the application will reject and a black list is a list of data that the application will accept as valid



 9. White lists and Blacklists are usually used within:

  operating systems

  software development companies

  python coding societies

  firewall applications

 10. Check digit is when the last one or two digits in a code are used to check the other digits are correct. They are used in:

  entry of passwords

  the creation of antivirus software

  None of the above

  barcode readers in supermarkets