11 - Final Test

 1. A standalone computer is a computer that is?

  None of the above

  connected to a central server

  connected to the internet directl

  not connected to a network

 2. Which of these statements is true?

  A client-server network is cheap and easy to set up

  A client-server network cannot be used to share files

  A client-server network has a central computer that provides services to the rest of the network

  Each computer on a client-server network is maintain separately

 3. Where are you most likely to find a peer-to-per network?

  In a large organisation

  None of the above

  In a very large office

  In the home

 4. Which of the following devices forwards packets across a network?


  Wireless access point



 5. Which type of tranmission media is the least expensive to manufacture?

  twisted pair cable



  fibre optic

 6. A network interface card is usually external to a computer and is required to forward packets along a network.



 7. The amount of time data takes to travel from the source to the destination is referred to as:



  Bit rate


 8. Which of these terms refers to the maximum rate at which data is transferred

  Bit twisted rate

  Internet rate

  Packet rate


 9. A data packet is a unit of data that travels along a network



 10. A _____ transmits data between networks in units called packets. It can be used to connect a LAN to the internet





 11. A _______ connects devices in a local area network wirelessly / using radio waves / using Wi-Fi





 12. Client - Server: A group of devices connected to share data with each other in which all devices are equal /connected without a server.



 13. Peer to Peer: A group of devices connected to a central computer (server) which manages the network and stores files centrally.



 14. Disadvantage of peer to peer networks include:

  None of the above

  Dependence on the server

  The server failing will affect the rest of the network

  expensive to set up

 15. An advantage of a client-server network is that user files are stored centrally so resources are used more efficiently



 16. Generally speaking, a client-server network is more expensive to set up



 17. The following is an advantage of cloud computing: It can reduce costs for a company as they do not need to buy additional hardware to store data



 18. Local area networks are set up and created using software and virtual networks are created using physical cables and hardware.



 19. The advantages of a virtual network include:

  All of the above are valid advantages

  Much easier to install software needed by specific groups of people

  It can be flexible - easy to add or remove comptuers from the VLAN using software without cables

  There is less overall traffic because network traffic can be limited to each VN.

 20. One obvious disadvantage of a virtual network is hugely decreased security. If one VLAN is compromised with a VIRUS, the whole network is affected.



 21. Virtual networks on a bigger network are said to be _____________ so that when malware affects one VN the others aren't affected.





 22. It is possible to use virtual networks to connect devices to a LAN through a WAN



 23. A company like facebook may have HR offices in France, the US and India. They would require the HR offices across the world to share files and resources. This is known as a ?

  Server based Network

  Private Networked Client

  Cloud storage network

  Virtual Private Network

 24. VPN tunnelling is a type of ?





 25. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) could allow external devices to connect to a private network over a public WAN (e.g the internet) without ?.

  worrying about security

  any external devices or WAN being involved

  All of the above are valid answers

  any cables or connectiosn whatsoever

 26. Once logged in to a virtual private network (VPN), the user ?

  None of the above

  would have access to the entire world's data (files and folders)

  sees the same network as if they had just logged in to an internal work station

  would not be able to see any files and folders except their own

 27. It is much __________to use a VPN to connect through the internet than to pay to maintain a WAN that the company sets up on their own.

  more secure

  more expensive


  All of the above

 28. There are two well known frequency bands available to use when setting up a WIFI network. 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz. 2.4GHz is?.

  a type of frequency which is only used in African countries

  not in use anymore

  the most universally used frequency

  the least popular frequency

 29. The waves in this radio frequency are about 5 inches long and can pass through walls, windows and others objects well and signals have a range up to about 100 metres

  2.4 GHz

  1 GHz

  5 GHz

  None of the above

 30. 5 GHz is less common. It has a wavelength of about 2.5 inches long and this suggests that it is?

  more capable of passing through walls than 2.4 GHz

  less capable of passing through objects and walls

  invalid and defunct

  no longer in use

 31. With 5 GHz ________ speeds can sometimes be achieved because it is less crowded/popular frequency.

  stationary (non moving)




 32. When setting up a wireless network, 2.4 GHz is compatible with standards for building a wireless network known as 802.11b and 802.11g.



 33. Radio waves can be bounced around by many things, including walls, mirrors, water and metal surfaces. This can cause ?.

  None of the above

  a spontaneous internet connection to appear

  interference and signal direction change

  higher frequencies

 34. Each frequency _____ is divided up in to ____________.

  signal / bands

  band / channels

  channel / bands

  band / sound waves

 35. The 2.4 GHz band has ____ channels.





 36. All the channels available in a band are always available at any given time and in any given location.



 37. The 5GHz frequency offers additional bandwidth over the 2.4GHz frequency



 38. The 5GHz frequency is capable of carrying more non-overlapping channels which will result in less interference.



 39. Encryption is a method of _____________data with a key code - the data must be decrypted to be made sense of.





 40. With encryption is the data is intercepted it will be vulnerable as if it is found, it will make sense, even without the key



 41. When you are using a secure site for example your bank, or purchasing on Amazon, encryption applied to keep your details safe:



 42. The encryption method used on secure sites is called:

   'SSL' (Secure Socket Layer




 43. Piracy and security issues are some of the concerns relating to cloud computing



 44. Twisted pair cable tranmission media is capable of having a much higher bandwidth than fibre optic.



 45. An ISP is an internet service that translates alphabetic names into IP addresses



 46. ________ is a service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website available on the world wide web


  Bandwidth bedding

  Internet rating


 47. Using the internet to store and access data and programs remotely is referred to as:

  cloud computing

  unit storage

  remote bit storage

  sky storage

 48. A bridge is used to connect two separate LAN networks. A computer can act as a bridge through the operating system



 49. There are different types of servers. For example a printer server will make it easy for various devices to connect to a printer



 50. What does a mail server do?

  None of the above

  A mail server acts as a central server that delivers data packets (called mail) to other servers

  It stores email messages. Your browser makes request to mail servers to retrieve the messages

  There is no such thing