09 - Virtual Networks

 1. Virtual Networks make use of software to ?

  integrate virtual reality and game consoles into a nework

  make the whole network cloud-based (virtual)

  divide devices on a LAN into smaller groups

  integrate virtual machines (e.g. cloud machines) onto the network

 2. Within a LAN, all the machines are physically connected by cables, but the "virtual network" of devices are restricted from accessing certain computers (and therefore appear to be a separate network).



 3. A 'virtual network' is part of the larger LAN or network but appears to be a separate network on its own.



 4. In a school the network might be divided up into virtual networks for?

  A school network could not have any virtual networks

  printers, desktop devices and wireless devices

  finance, students and staff

  cables, wires and monitors

 5. In a company with a virtual network set up for just the HR office, the HR employees would not be able to access the files and folders of the management staff.



 6. Local area networks are set up and created using software and virtual networks are created using physical cables and hardware.



 7. The advantages of a virtual network include:

  Much easier to install software needed by specific groups of people

  There is less overall traffic because network traffic can be limited to each VN.

  It can be flexible - easy to add or remove comptuers from the VLAN using software without cables

  All of the above are valid advantages

 8. One obvious disadvantage of a virtual network is hugely decreased security. If one VLAN is compromised with a VIRUS, the whole network is affected.



 9. Virtual networks on a bigger network are said to be _____________ so that when malware affects one VN the others aren't affected.





 10. It is possible to use virtual networks to connect devices to a LAN through a WAN



 11. A company like facebook may have HR offices in France, the US and India. They would require the HR offices across the world to share files and resources. This is known as a ?

  Cloud storage network

  Server based Network

  Virtual Private Network

  Private Networked Client

 12. VPN tunnelling is a type of ?





 13. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) could allow external devices to connect to a private network over a public WAN (e.g the internet) without ?.

  any username or password details

  any external devices or WAN being involved

  an internet connection

  worrying about any immediate security risks

 14. Once logged in to a virtual private network (VPN), the user ?

  None of the above

  would have access to the entire world's data (files and folders)

  would not be able to see any files and folders except their own

  sees the same network as if they had just logged in to an internal work station

 15. It is much __________to use a VPN to connect through the internet than to pay to maintain a WAN that the company sets up on their own.


  more secure

  more expensive

  All of the above