10 - Wearable Technologies and Computer based impl

 1. Wearable technology is the incorporation of electronic devices into clothing or items that can be worn.



 2. Wearble devices can be examples of …

  the Interweb of Intrigue

  the Internet of Things

  the Internet of Tech

  the Internet of Devices

 3. What was this early example of wearable technology from the 1970s (pictured)?

  a calculator watch

  a voice recorder watch

  a health monitor

  a modem watch

 4. CuteCircuit specialises in Bluetooth and Internet technology that is incorporated into …





 5. What is the most popular type of wearable technology today?

  activity trackers and smart watches

  smart footwear

  augmented reality glasses

  smart fabric

 6. An ethical concern over the collection of personal data by wearable technology is data privacy/data protection.



 7. The Seiko RC-1000 Wrist Terminal, launched in 1984, was the first watch that could …

  record sounds

  interface with a desktop computer

  display emails

  play videos

 8. Implanted devices could potentially replace injections by internally …

  sensing pulse

  alerting doctors

  delivering drugs

  removing viruses

 9. Small devices under the skin can use 'R…'-'F…' 'I…' to connect with computers.

  Reverse-Formal Identifier

  Radium-Ferrous Indicator

  Radio-Frequency Identification

  Rapid-First Identifiers

 10. What is a potential risk of implanted devices?

  High expense

  Vulnerability to hacking

  There are no risks

  Difficulty of surgery