08 - Culture and Technology

 1. The use of technology and the internet in recent years has had no impact on our culture.



 2. Some of the things that come out of an 'anonymous' culture include:

  people can send vengeful and harmful messages with no immediate come back

  All of the above are possible impacts of an anonymous culture

  hackers can pretend to be someone they are not and trick you into handing over information

  Paedophiles can pose as children in order to lure other children and 'groom' them online

 3. Social media connects people and has advantages, but the disadvantages include:

  the spread of false information and fake news

  distraction - some people cannot work or study properly as a result

  All of the above

  it can provide a banner and 'voice' for extremist and illegal groups of people

 4. Some studies have shown that technology and the internet have turned people into social media 'addicts' with the following additional impacts:

  a reduced attention span

  All of the above

  a decreased ability to hold conversations in person

  a need for instant gratification

 5. A shift in work culture to employees who sit behind computers all day can lead to health issues such as:

  Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

  bad backs

  All of the above

  poor posture leading to other ailments

 6. With the rise of blogs, youtube and personal news channels, people can very easily have their …

  cultures erased

  None of the above

  accounts deleted

  voice heard

 7. Established news organisations can sometimes find it hard to compete with these so called 'citizen journalists' that can report anything they like, whenever they like!



 8. Viral videos can cause the following:

  people to connect together over a common experience (e.g. discuss or laugh at the video)

  All of the above

  Social movements can spring up in response to a single viral video!

  people can become celebrities over night because their video went viral

 9. The Internet has changed the way we ….



  communicate with each other

  All of the above

 10. One of the major shifts in culture in this internet age is to do with the issue of …

  the use of storage devices

  blurry images

  poor resolution on monitors

  personal privacy (personal details and data)