Bill Gates

 1. What is Bill Gates' full name?

  Wilhelm Friedrich Gates

  William Henry Gates III

  Bill PC Gates

  William Gattenberg

 2. Bill Gates learnt to code at school.



 3. What was the first programme he ever wrote?

  A crossword puzzle

  A maze game

  A noughts and crosses (or tic-tac-toe) game

  A word processor

 4. What was his score out of 1600 in the U.S. Scholastic Aptitute Tests?





 5. What subject (major) did Bill Gates enrole to study at Harvard before he left to start Microsoft?

  Computer science




 6. At Harvard, Gates developed an algorithm for some previously unsolved computer science problems using:

  Truffle tiering

  Ice cream indexing

  Waffle weaving

  Pancake sorting

 7. During the first five years of Microsoft what did he claim to do?

  Spend more on publicity than software development

  Invent the desktop computer

  Make a million dollars each day

  Check every line of code written by his team

 8. What did IBM ask Bill Gates to do in 1980?

  Help debug the IBM PC

  Sell Microsoft to IBM

  Write an operating system for the IBM PC

  Develop a word processor

 9. Microsoft rescued Apple from the brink of bankruptcy by investing $150 million in Steve Job's company in 1997.



 10. Bill Gates has donated over $41 billion to charity.