03 - Computer Misuse Act

 1. What is the main purpose of the Computer Misuse Act?

  Protecting computer users against wilful attacks and theft of information

  Preventing computers from breaking

  Preventing apps from collecting personal data

  Protecting computer hardware

 2. When was the Computer Misuse Act passed?





 3. Fill in the blanks.
Gaining unauthorised access to a computer system is also known 



  logging on


 4. Some companies employ hackers to test out how secure their system is.



 5. Offences under the Act include hacking, unauthorised access to computer systems, and purposefully spreading malicious and damaging software, such as viruses.



 6. Which of the following is NOT an offence under the Computer Misuse Act?

  Writing and distributing a virus

  Writing software and trying to sell it to someone for a profit

  Unauthorised access to someone else's files with intent to commit further criminal offences

  Unauthorised access to someone else's files

 7. Fill in the blanks.
________________ could protect against unauthorised access to an 
ICT system.

  Anti-malware software

  A disk defragger

  Anti-virus software

  A firewall

 8. You are committing a crime if you use your friend’s username and password to log onto their account without their permission.



 9. The Computer Misuse Act makes it illegal to copy software.



 10. Which of the following are the three offences that have been added to the Computer Misuse Act?
1. Accessing computers without permission
2. Modifying data without permission
3. Creating or supplying malware
4. Editing your own bank details (e.g. your address)
5. Editing your profile details on Facebook

*The Act was ammended in 2014 to include up to a 10 year prison 
sentence for the most serious computer related crimes!





 11. What is NOT considered altering data without permission?

  Withdrawing money from your own bank account online

  Writing a virus to destroy data

  Changing someone else's password

  Accessing computer material without permission and editing it

 12. If you are caught hacking or distributing viruses you could go to prison.



 13. Fill in the blanks.
If proven guilty of an offense under the Computer Misuse Act, a
person can be liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding

  10 years

  1 year

  6 months

  5 years

 14. The Computer Misuse Act was enacted in the wake of the high profile hack of mailboxes including an account belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh by Robert Schifreen and Stephen Gold.



 15. What is NOT a useful method of reducing spam email?

  Not replying to anonymous emails

  Reporting spammers to ISPs

  Sending a strongly-worded reply to unauthorised email messages

  Setting a filter on your email account

 16. Fill in the blanks.
_____________ could help you keep your data safe.

  Using strong passwords

  Sending spam emails

  Ignoring copyright laws

  Writing down your login details

 17. What is a good way to prevent abuse in a chat room?

  Assuming a different identity

  Having a moderator to filter out offensive comments

  Abusing other users

  Only use them when they are quiet

 18. Fill in the blanks.
 If you commit a crime under Section A of the Computer Misuse Act, you 

  Life imprisonment

  No prison time, just a fine

  Up to 2 years in prison and/or a fine

  Up to 12 months in prison and/or a fine

 19. A virus is a piece of software code.



 20. It's ok to send harmless viruses that are just for a laugh.