01 - Data Protection Act

 1. When was the first UK Data Protection Act passed?





 2. Which of these is an example of sensitive data?

  Email address



  Postal address

 3. Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual.



 4. Fill in the blanks.
The Data Protection Act was developed to control how ________ is used by organisations or government bodies. 

  personal data

  hypothetical data

  open data

  dark data

 5. Fill in the blanks.
After you have finished using someone’s personal data, you should ________________. 

  pass it to someone else

  securely destroy it

  return it to the owner

  keep it in the database

 6. The Data Protection Act 2018 complements the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



 7. The Data Protection Act protects your computer from being hacked.



 8. Who has the power to enforce the Data Protection Act?

  Information Commissioner

  Data subject

  Data controller

  Data user

 9. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, it is __ ______ to sell, or offer to sell, personal data knowingly or recklessly obtained or disclosed without the consent of the data controller.

  an offence

  absolutely fine

  ok usually

  not recommended

 10. Fill in the blanks.
A person does NOT have the right to ______________ under the GDPR.

  always have their personal data deleted on request

  know when their data is being collected

  have access to the personal data being stored about them

  have incorrect data changed

 11. The main purpose of the Data Protection Act is to help everyone find information.



 12. Fill in the blanks.
Data subjects are _________________.

  the people who have data collected about themselves

  the people who analyze the data

  the people who hold the data

  the databases where the data is stored

 13. Who are the data users?

  Data users use the data illegally

  Data users collect and store the data

  Data users are the people who have data collected about themselves

  Data users use the data collected by someone else

 14. Fill in the blanks.
If a business loses personal data (e.g. a laptop is left on a train), they should report it to _______________.


  the police

  the Information Commissioner's Office

  the Government

 15. How long can personal data be stored?

  there is no time limit

  only for as long as necessary

  1 year

  1 month