09 - Hacking - and famous hackers

 1. What is hacking?

  Downloading software without paying for it

  Using codes in games to get things

  Getting access to someone's computer without their permission

  Stealing people's computers

 2. Fill in the blanks.
People who secretly gain access to a computer in order to gain information or cause damage are called_______________.


  computer professionals

  Internet trolls


 3. What should you do first when you are being hacked?


  Report it immediately

  Change your passwords

  Update your software

 4. Which famous group of hackers is known as "digital Robin Hood" and recognizable by wearing a Guy Fawkes mask?



  Chaos Computer Club


 5. Fill in the blanks.
Vladimir Levin was a Russian hacker who broke into Citibank's computers and stole nearly $10 million by re-wiring it to various global accounts. The most famous part of Levin's hack was that he_________________.

  did not use the Internet to commit his crime

  was never caught

  gave the money to charity

  gave the money back

 6. Albert Gonzalez executed one of the largest-known identity thefts the world has ever seen.



 7. Fill in the blanks.
Astra is the pseudonym of a Greek hacker who infiltrated the computers of the French aviation company Dassault Group and stole weapons technology data for over five years. Astra____________________.

  has never been identified

  later started working for the US Government.

  was sentenced to life in prison

  is a woman

 8. Gary McKinnon, known as “Solo” on the internet, allegedly coordinated what would become the largest military computer hack of all time.



 9. Fill in the blanks.
In 2002, he was named the most dangerous hacker in the world. Over a 13-month period, he illegally accessed 97 computers belonging to the U.S. Armed Forces and NASA. He claimed he was only searching for information on free energy suppression and UFO cover-ups. His name is _____________________.

  Kevin Poulsen

  Albert Gonzalez

  Gary McKinnon

  Robert Tappan Morris

 10. In North Korea, top students are handpicked from the University of Automation to become members of which hacking group?

  Bureau 121




 11. Fill in the blanks.
______________________ is a large association of mostly German-speaking hackers. They have made a number of hacks where they consulted legal experts to make sure that what they were doing was legal. They gained notoriety in the 80's when they notified the Deutsche Bundespost of flaws in their online system.

  Elderwood Group


  Tailored Access Operations

  Chaos Computer Club

 12. Fill in the blanks.
Robert Tappan Morris is credited as the creator of the world’s first known___________________.

  FAT virus

  Trojan horse

  macro virus

  computer worm

 13. Fill in the blanks.
Authorities seized John McAfee's property for _________________ after an official came seeking political bribes from him. To get back at the Belize government and prove their corruption, he hacked every major computer from Belize government bureaucracies.

  creating drugs in his lab

  selling stollen cars

  tax evasion

  no reason

 14. What is a security exploit?

  A module studied by most Computer Science students

   A prepared application that takes advantage of a known weakness

  A mobile internet solution

   A way of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication

 15. What is Password cracking?

  A cryptographic protocol that provides communication security over the Internet.

  A secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource

  A term used to describe the penetration of a network, system, or resource with or without the use of tools to unlock a resource that has been secured with a password

   A markup language

 16. What is a "white hat" hacker?

  Someone who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies to ensure the security of an organization's information systems

  Someone who breaks into a computer system or network with malicious intent.

  All of the above

   A hacker wearing a white hat

 17. Gray Hat Hackers are the most dangerous type of hackers.



 18. Fill in the blanks.
______________ are groups of anonymous hackers who think they can bring about social changes and often hack government and organizations to gain attention or share their displeasure over opposing their line of thought.

  Blue Hat hackers

  Script Kiddies

  Malicious Insiders


 19. State or Nation sponsored hackers are those who have been employed by their state or nation's government to snoop in and penetrate through full security to gain confidential information from other governments to stay at the top online.



 20. Black Hat hackers will hack into your system with the good intention of finding vulnerabilities and help you remove virus and malware from your system.