07 - Malware, Viruses and Worms

 1. Harmful programs used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems are commonly referred to as:





 2. Fill in the blanks.
World’s first computer virus named__________, coded by  the Alvi brothers from Pakistan, was originally designed to infect the IBM PC; it replaced the boot sector of its floppy disk with the virus to protect their medical software from piracy.





 3. What are Worms?

  Junk emails also known as Spam.

  A type of Trojan designed to transfer other malware onto a PC via Internet connection.

  Data files containing detection and/or remediation code that antivirus or antispyware products use to identify malicious code.

  A standalone malicious computer program that replicates itself over a computer network.

 4. What is the name of the automated processes that are designed to interact over the internet without the need of human interaction?





 5. Spyware programs track your browsing habits and other personal details and send it to a remote user.



 6. A computer program containing malicious segment that attaches itself to an application program or other executable component is called:



  Flash Cookie


 7. Malicious software performing unwanted and harmful actions in disguise of a legitimate and useful program is known as:





 8. Which type of files pose the greatest risk related to the distribution of malware?





 9. In computer security, an automatic download performed without the user's consent (and often without any notice) aimed at installing malware or potentially unwanted programs is known as a drive-by download.



 10. A computer virus that actively attacks an antivirus program in an effort to prevent detection is called:

  Macro Virus

  Armored Virus


  Phage Virus

 11. Fill in the blanks.
The process of isolation of files and applications suspected of containing malware in order to prevent further execution and potential harm to the user's system is known as_______________.


  Safe Mode

  Protected Mode


 12. A type of Trojan designed to transfer other malware onto a PC via Internet connection is known as:





 13. What is the function of Windows Defender software?

  Allowing and blocking applications through Windows Firewall

  Protection against viruses, spyware and other potentially unwanted software

  Reviewing the computer's status and resolving issues

  Management of User Account Control (UAC)

 14. Which malicious program cannot do anything until actions are taken to activate the file attached by the malware?




  Trojan Horse

 15. How can you protect your computer from malware?

  All of the above.

  Never open unknown links, use online website safety checker tools if you’re not sure to open a website.

  Use genuine software.

  Install an antivirus software and update it regularly.

 16. Which of these application types fall(s) into the category of anti-malware solutions?


  Pop-up Blocker


  All of them.

 17. Which of the following components pose(s) a risk of unintended downloading and execution of malware on a PC?

  Browser plugins

  All of them.


  Tracking cookies

 18. Fill in the blanks.
Websites use_____________to verify users as human and prevent malicious bot attacks. 

  Signature files



  Logic Bomb

 19. The process by which malicious software changes its underlying code in order to avoid detection is known as polymorphism.



 20. An antivirus software can be kept up to date through:

  Audit trails

  Virus signature updates and engine updates

  Cleaning the Quarantine

  OS updates