04 - Utility Software

 1. In 2016, the top 10 Utility software vendors accounted for nearly 45% of the global Utility applications market which grew 1.5% to approach nearly $3.3 billion in license, maintenance and subscription revenues



 2. What is utility software?

  Software that creates new software

  System software that communicates to other devices

  Computer software that erases viruses, run emulators and creates creates libraries

  Computer system software that is intended to analyse, configure, monitor or help maintain a computer (often performing day to day tasks)

 3. Which of the following are computer utility software?
1) Antivirus
2) Backup software
3) Debuggers
4) Encryption tools
5) File manager

  3 & 4

  1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

  2 & 5

  1, 2 & 4

 4. Utility software interacts with the computer's hardware.



 5. What is encryption software?

  Software that uses changes public keys into private keys

  Software that hides your files

  Software that uses cryptography to prevent unauthorized access to digital information

  Software that prevents viruses

 6. What is used to encrypt and decrypt code?

  A card

  A code

  A key

  A licence

 7. Using encryption software makes your personal data more vulnerable to attack and interception



 8. Read the following excerpt and fill in the blanks
_____________ occurs when the file system cannot or will not allocate 
enough contiguous space to store a complete file as a unit, but instead
puts parts of it in gaps between existing files (usually those gaps 
exist because they formerly held a file that the file system has 
subsequently deleted or because the file system allocated excess 
space for the file in the first place)





 9. In the maintenance of file systems, ________________ is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation





 10. Fill in the blanks to correctly complete the following statement
When defragging a ______ the _____ are placed next to each other.

  soft disk, memory locations

  smartphone, data

  hard drive, files

  computer, folders

 11. Read the following excerpt and fill in the blanks
Files are stored in memory. 

On a hard disk, memory is divided into chunks called 'sectors'.

When a file needs to be stored, the operating system looks for free 
sectors on the disk. However, these sectors are rarely sequential 
(i.e. next to one another), instead they are usually scattered in 
different places across the hard disk.

If a file is broken up ("fragmented") across too many separate memory 
sectors, it becomes difficult for the hard disk to access all of the pieces 
of a file in a timely manner. This can make the computer appear to be 

  running slowly

  running very quickly

  processing data in parallel

  jittery (i.e a fragmented and flashing screen effect will be displayed)

 12. _________________ utilities juggle the contents of memory sectors around to keep files together as much as possible





 13. You may want to compress a file to let you send it as an email attachment. For this task you would choose to use a _____________________

  anti-compression RAM chip

  anti-virus utlity program

  cost defragmenter

   file compression utility program

 14. In many cases, a utility program is built in to the operating system. (e.g. Windows has a built in compression utility you can use to compress a file or folder)



 15. A compression utility program (like winzip) simply __________________

  deletes files and archives them

  increases file size

  edits the file contents so they are encrypted

  reduces file size

 16. A ______ utility may enable you to set up a schedule to ________ all your files automatically on a regular basis





 17. There are two main types of backup - complete or ____________





 18. Encryption over the internet is often carried out by a utility built into the web browser.



 19. An ______________ utility can be used to secure data





 20. Utility software cannot diagnose or ever fix system issues and hardware problems