02 - RAM and ROM

 1. RAM and ROM are the same thing.



 2. RAM stands for:

  Real Audio Media

  Rapid Access Memory

  Random Access Machine

  Random Access Memory

 3. ROM stands for:

  Range Of Motion

  Recurring Operational Maintenance

  Read Only Memory

  Recent On Machine

 4. What is stored in RAM?

  The BIOS

  The operating system

  Data and instructions for use by the CPU

  Save files for your games

 5. You can download more RAM if you run out.



 6. Some programs need a certain amount of RAM to run properly and companies will usually put this information on the box so you know before you buy.



 7. What is stored in ROM?

  The instruction needed to start up the computer including the BIOS

  Programs currently in use

  Instructions for the CPU

  The volatile instructions that are held temporarily

 8. Which statement is true?

  RAM can be static or dynamic (SRAM/DRAM)

  RAM has a slow access time relative to other devices

  RAM holds the BIOS

  RAM is non volatile

 9. RAM cannot be removed from the PC.



 10. Which statement is true?

  RAM is part of the hard disk

  ROM is non volatile

  ROM is volatile

  ROM is the same as the operating system

 11. Fill in the blanks.
You can write data more than once to___________________. (but it will not be saved once the power is switched off)





 12. You may have heard of the term "disk thrashing". (for example a gaming computer may often experience this). What causes disk thrashing to occur?

  The processor is short of RAM so the hard drive is accessed instead

  The game takes up too much space

  The game uses high resolution graphics

  The screen uses too many colours

 13. What is firmware?

  A program in cache

  A program in ROM

  Any hardware

  Data in RAM

 14. RAM - What happens when the electricity is turned off?

  The data from the memory is not saved

  The data from the memory is saved onto flash memory

  The data from the memory is saved onto ROM

  The data from the memory is saved onto the hard disk

 15. RAM is an example of flash memory.



 16. Adding more RAM to a system will only help if the RAM that is currently installed is always filled to 100% and more space is needed.



 17. Fill in the blanks.
When an application fires up, it is loaded into_____________.





 18. Fill in the blanks.
A ROM chip stores several ___________________ (MB) of data, typically 4 MB or 8 MB per chip





 19. ROM allows you to load a program faster after you have opened it the first time.



 20. Which of these activities is not memory intensive?


  Photo editing

  Video editing

  Surfing the Internet