04 - Using Email to communicate

 1. To send an email you will first need to ____________ an email message.
The following (optional) video is relevant to Gmail and goes through the basics of use.

  delete or archive

  snap or app

  meet or greet

  create or compose

 2. You need to enter the email address of the ________in the to field. You can enter multiple email addresses usually using a comma to separate them.





 3. An email account consists of several parts. A username and password, an email address and a ________.


  gmail box



 4. CC stands for ________ : Anyone listed here will get a copy of the message and anyone who receives the message will know who else the message was sent to.

  created craft

  carbon collated

  cat cart

  carbon copy

 5. If you add an email address in the BCC field, then the main recipient of the email will not know you have also sent to another person.



 6. Subject Field: This should contain a _________ of the content and should always be used, but is not mandatory.

  extensive summary (detailed)

  numerical (numbers only) summary

  brief summary

  one letter summary

 7. Content Field- This contains the main email message and if you are using HTML email (default) it cannot ever contain text and images.



 8. Attachments are files like documents and pictures that you can include with your email. To add an attachment look for_______________.

  the mouse icon

  the happy face icon

  the paper clip icon

  the flower icon

 9. All email providers limit the size of attachments with the standard being around 25MBytes.



 10. Most email clients display a list of emails showing the sender and subject with unread emails shown in _____.(or highlighted somehow)

  invisible ink


  flowing handwriting


 11. When you have read an email and want to respond, there are usually three options:

  reply to the whole world, reply to the government, reply to sender

  Actually, there is only one option and that is to reply to the sender. You cannot reply to multiple people.

  find, search, delete

  reply to all, reply to, forward

 12. If you send email to someone on a regular basis then rather than typing in the email address manually each time you can store their address details in a ______________.

  a physical notebook

  database stored seperately

  list stored on a different server

  address book/contacts list

 13. It is possible that you will receive unwanted email (e.g offensive material or marketing). This can be placed in the _____ folder.

  spam folder


  forwards box

  sent folder

 14. Your mailbox is divided into a number of folders and incoming email is normally placed in your sent items.



 15. Emails that you have sent to your friends will be in the:

  archive folder

  spam folder


  sent folder/sent items