02 - How do we find things online?

 1. If you had to look through each web page, it would take many years to find the information you seek. ________ make the task much simpler.

  Browse Engines

  Computing Tanks

  Search Engines

  Web Browsers

 2. When you use a search engine to find information, you type in a search term which consists of one or more _____________________.

  computing destinations

  website names with phone numbers

  keywords that are specific to the information you seek

  URLS or website addresses

 3. For example, if you wanted to learn more about how to eat healthily, your search term might include the keywords:

  "not" and "food"

  "vegetables" and "carrots"

  "burgers" and "Big Mac"

  "eating" and "healthily"

 4. The search engine would look through all the webpages on the internet and create a _________________ to all pages that contain these keywords

  list of computers

  list of browsers

   list of links (or results)

  list of internet search engines

 5. The list is ________________, with the most popular (or most visited) results at the top. You can then choose to follow any of the listed links.

  presented in a random and confusing manner

  usually sorted into order

  never sorted in order

  presented with images only

 6. Search engines such as Google use very complex _______________ algorithms to decide the exact order in which results should appear.
The biggest factor is the number of sites linking to that web page

  web running

  page ranking

  web catching

  internet firsting

 7. Boolean expressions, such as AND, OR and NOT, allow you to make your search terms ___________.

  more confused

  more computer-like

  more English-like

  more specific

 8. AND narrows down the search by adding more keywords that need to appear in your results, e.g "film" AND "London". The results will contain _______________.

  both these keywords (

  neither of these keywords


  the word

 9. OR __________ the search by including alternate words, eg "film" OR "movie". The results will contain either of these words.





 10. NOT excludes certain information, eg "film" AND NOT "Toy Story". The results will contain the word "film" _________________________.

  and the word 'Not'

  and the word 'not' as well as 'ToyStory'

  but not "Toy Story".

  and 'Toy Story'

 11. Using two keywords "films" and "cinema" would return a perfect search result if you wished to search for all films that were playing in the ODEON in Central London.



 12. To find either cycling or tennis in London you could use this search term:

  cycling OR tennis OR London

  cycling OR tennis AND London

  cycling AND tennis AND OR London

  cycling AND tennis AND OR London OR NOT

 13. In most search engines, "NOT" is represented with a minus sign.



 14. Using this search term you would get a list of results for places to play tennis in London, but excluding anywhere in Paddington.
tennis London - Paddington



 15. Which of the following search terms entered into a search engine would be likely to give you the MOST results?

  "eyes" and "nose" and "lips" and "nostrils" and "rings" and "elephantitis"

  "eyes" or "nose"

  "eyes" and "nose"

  None of the options stated here would give any results at alll