03 - Computers and Sensors

 1. Physical systems include robotics, motors and _______.





 2. Reasons why we use physical systems are explained. They enable us to explore places that humans can?t work and simulate environments are _______________.

  red or black

  safe for us

  full of humans

  not safe for us

 3. Machines can often work more quickly and for longer periods of time.



 4. The ultrasonic sensor is an ______ module on the mBot.





 5. Sensors are input devices that ___________ about the physical environment around it.

  fight off data

  eat data

  record data

  automate data

 6. Sensors could be programmed with both transmitters and _______________.

  graphic cards




 7. Motion (infra-red) Sensor detects (found on burglar alarm systems or automatic doors) detects

  movement / heat from objects.

  any pressure

  the presence of sound.

  changes in temperature.

 8. A temperature sensor (found in ovens and freezers)

  the presence of sound.

  movement / heat from objects.

  changes in temperature.

  any pressure

 9. A sound sensor detects

  changes in temperature.

  movement / heat from objects.

  any pressure

  the presence of sound.

 10. A __________ can detect the ambient light level, meaning how bright or dark it is.

  light sensor

  ph sensor

  gas sensor

  pressure sensor