04 - How does the Internet send data

 1. The global computer _________ called the internet is part of our everyday lives at home and at school.





 2. The internet is made up of millions of computers all over the world that are digitally connected to each other by ___________________.

  gold or silver nuggets.


   cable, fibre or wireless links.


 3. Bill visits a site to download an image. The image on the site is hosted on a ____________.


  web server

  bus or train

  country's government headquarters

 4. Bill's computer sends a _______ to the web server. The _______ is sent in a packet.





 5. The packet contains information, including the _______ of the web server and Bill's own ____________. (this is like the address of each computer)

  MIP address

  IP address

  MAC address

  PIP address

 6. Special devices called _______ and devies called switches direct the packet from Bill's computer to the web server.





 7. The packet can be sent through __________ which are under the sea or even satellite.

  rocket ships

  fibre optic cables

  oxygen filters


 8. An image from the web server, would first need to be split up into hundreds of packets, which are then sent back to Bill's computer.



 9. All of these packets include information about how they should be put back together as well as where they are going and _______________.

  what they should look like to the human eye.

  where they go when they are unwanted.

  what their email address is.

  where they came from.

 10. The routers try to find the fastest possible route for each packet. They always take one route and are always sent and received in the same order.