Grace Hopper

 1. In which city was Grace Hopper born?

  New York




 2. What branch of the United States armed forces did Grace Hopper volunteer for during WW2?

  United States Army

  United States Air Force

  Army Air Corps

  United States Naval Reserve

 3. Hopper developed the first compiler.



 4. She was one of the first programmers of which computer during WW2?


  Harvard Mark I

  Cray I


 5. A moth was found by her team in the Mark II computer in 1947.
The operator joked in the log book that this was the first actual computer 'bug' to be found.



 6. What was special about the FLOW-MATIC data processing language developed by Grace Hopper?

  It was very expensive to use.

  It was the first data processing language to use ordinary English words.

  It was a new type of machine code.

  It was designed for the car industry.

 7. Hopper also helped to develop COBOL. What does COBOL stand for?

  Combined Brilliant Orbital Layering

  Conneticut Builder of Language

  Common Basic Object Language

  Common Business Orientated Language

 8. What position was Grace Hopper given in 1985?

  President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  Nobel Prize Winner

  Rear Admiral (United States Navy)


 9. Did Grace Hopper say?
"The most important thing I've accomplished, other than building the compiler, is training young people."



 10. Her nickname was _________________________!

  “Amazing Grace”

  "High Flying Hopper"

  "Graceful Coder"

  "Math Champ"