01 - Word Processor

 1. Click the "Yes" option once you have gone through the slides in this presentation.



 2. Computers can be used to:

  form genuine friendships with humans

  write letters, play games and more

  create human beings

  give and take in marriage

 3. Hannah wrote a letter to her friend using a pen and paper. She made a mistake and changing this will be difficult because ?.......

  it will involve getting rid of the whole letter

  it will involve getting another pen, which is expensive

  it will involve physically rubbing out the mistake and re-writing it

  it will involve getting a computer to re-type the letter

 4. The software that computer's use to work with words (and do things like write letters) is called:

  a word processor

  a database

  a spreadsheet

  a graphics program

 5. An example of a word processor is:

  Microsoft Publisher

  Microsoft Excel

  Microsoft Word

  Microsoft Power Point

 6. Word processors make it easy to type words and edit or make changes. If you wanted to get rid of some text, you could just highlight it and ________.





 7. In Microsoft word it is possible to highlight the text and change the size and colour as well as the style of the ______.





 8. Which of the following is an example of a common 'font'?

  All the options mentioned are valid fonts

  Times new roman



 9. How does "copy and paste" work in Microsoft Word?

  It cuts a piece of your computer out in order to delete some text

  It allows you to copy a chunk of text, and paste (put) it somewhere else in the page

  It allows you a virtual pair of scissors that breaks your computer

  It allows you to print out the paper and physically cut it

 10. The key feature of a word processor is that it allows us to work easily and efficiently with _______.