02 - What makes instructions clear?

 1. Saying the words: "Please go left and then walk five steps forward", is an example of an:





 2. Look carefully at the following set of instructions. They are instructions to make a:
1. Boil the kettle
2. Pour the milk into the cup
3. Put in a spoon of coffee powder
4. Pour the hot water into the cup
5. Stir it all together using a spoon
6. Your delicious drink is now ready




  cup of coffee

 3. Clear instructions can save lives. A good instruction should be _____________________________.

  very hard to read

  red in colour

  easy to follow

  green in colour

 4. It is useful to try and make an instruction as ______________ as possible.



  specific (detailed)


 5. Are the following instructions in the right order?
1. First, Drink the squash.

2. Second, find a clean, empty glass.

3. Now,add water to squash.

4. Finally, pour squash into the glass.