10 - GCSE (Comp Systems) Part 2 (Exam simulation)

 1. Joseph buys a new computer with the latest operating system and some utilities. Which of the following is an example of an operating system?

  Windows 10


  Internet Explorer

  Control Panel

 2. State three functions of the operating system. (4 marks)

 3. Joseph has several utility features/programs that have come with his new PC. Antivirus and Firewall software are:

  used for peripheral control

  used for RAM monitoring (against external threats)

  used for disk organisation

  used for disk security

 4. A ___________ and file transfer utility are utility programs that are used for disk organisation.


  transfer protocol



 5. What type of utility program is being described in the following excerpt?
displays important data about the current state 
of the computer e.g. temperature, free memory, 
network speed, % processor used

  Defragmentation utility

  System Information utility

  Diagnosis utility

  Compiler Utility

 6. Joseph has purchased some software, but his new PC has also come packaged with some open source software. Define the term 'open source'. (2 marks)

 7. Joseph purchases some software that comes packaged with a magazine in a CD-Rom. State whether a CD-ROM is magnetic, optical, solid-state-storage or titanium-alloy.

  Titanium Alloy

  Solid State Storage



 8. What type of software is being described in the following excerpt?
1. This type of software cannot be copied / altered 
(without permission of the copyright owner).

2. This type of software is distributed only as a 
compiled program / source code not available





 9. A local primary school has all of its computers in a local area network (LAN). State three benefits of a LAN (3 marks)

 10. It is essential that the primary school's network is secure. State four measures which the school will need to take to ensure the security of the network. (4 marks)

 11. The school's network topology can be best described in the following excerpt. What type of topology is being described here?
One central hub / switch / router / server / connection point
All computers / devices connected to this central point





 12. Computers in the network can be identified using both IP addresses and MAC addresses. State four differences between IP addresses and MAC addresses. (4 marks)

 13. The school's head teacher has a powerful PC with a storage device. Explain why secondary storage is needed in most computer systems (2 marks)

 14. There tends to be a big move in the tech world today towards solid state storage as opposed to magnetic storage. Mention four characteristics (either advantages or disadvantages) of solid state storage (4 marks)

 15. Maggie's computer has 512 kilobytes of ROM and 8 gigabytes of RAM. Describe the purpose of ROM (2 marks)

 16. Referring to the above question, describe the purpose of RAM (2 marks)

 17. State one difference between ROM and RAM, other than the size and the purpose. (1 mark)

 18. True or False. The speed of a CPU is usually measured in GigaHertz (GHz)



 19. True or False. The hard disk drive is part of the CPU



 20. True or False. If a CPU has many cores, this slows down the computer



 21. A computer has 1024 megabytes of RAM.How many gigabytes of RAM does the computer have? (1 mark)

 22. A computer sometimes uses virtual memory. Describe what is meant by virtual memory and state why it is needed. (2 marks)

 23. A bank uses the following (read the following excerpt). What is being described below?
Redundant components / hardware / capacity (servers / disks / routers etc) 
is built into the network

If there is a failure, network automatically switches to use the spare capacity

Allows the bank to continue to operate / avoids network downtime
avoiding loss of income / customer dissatisfaction / loss of records


  A security loophole

  A wireless access lan

  Breakpoint switching

 24. A tablet computer uses _______ memory. The purpose of ______ memory is described below.
To store instructions / data that is frequently used / 
previously used / next to be used

Data does not need to be fetched from RAM

Speeds up access





 25. Identify four events that take place during the fetch-execute cycle.(4 marks)