Charles Babbage

 1. Charles Babbage was known as the:

  "Father of facebook"

  "Old Father time"

  "Organ playing programmer"

  "Father of the computer"

 2. In what year was Charles Babbage born?





 3. Which university did Charles Babbage attend?

  He didn't go to university




 4. In 1816, Charles Babbage became a fellow of which important organisation?

  The Knights of Malta

  The Royal Society

  The Automobile Association

  The Football Association

 5. Babbage became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University but because of disagreements over what the students should learn, he never gave any lectures.



 6. Babbage designed this machine called the Difference Engine (pictured) in the 1820s. What was it?

  A calculator

  A railway locomotive

  An early type of television

  A machine to predict the weather

 7. After inventing the Difference Engine, Babbage worked on a new idea called the Analytical Engine. This had many of the features of modern computers. It was never built in his lifetime but if it had, it would have been the first machine to:

  Be Turing Complete

  Play computer games

  Use punch cards to input data

  Be connected to the internet

 8. Charles Babbage also wrote about his Christian beliefs, drawing on his work on computing. In which book did he write the following excerpt?
It is more consistent with the attributes of the deity to look upon miracles not as 
deviations from the laws assigned by the Almighty for the government of matter and 
of mind; but as the exact fulfilment of much more extensive laws than those we 
suppose to exist.

  The Dictionary of Natural Theology

  The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise

  The Proceedings of the Royal Society

  The Opinions of Mr Charles Babbage Esq

 9. What type of peripheral device did Charles Babbage also invent?

  A scanner

  A mouse

  A printer

  A screen

 10. Half of Charles Babbage's brain is on display in the Science Museum in London.