Computing Aptitude (Beginner level < 14 yrs)

 1. You have 14 apples and 2 oranges. What is 14 apples + 2 oranges?

  16 apples

  2 apples and 14 oranges

  14 apples + 2 oranges

  All of the above

 2. If x = 2 and y = x, what is x+y?





 3. An 'addition' app on your phone asks for two numbers. You input 2 and 3 and get 23. What is happening?

  None of the above



  Square Root + 3

 4. Analyse the scratch code snippet for a part of the game flappy birds. In reference to the code, which statement is most accurate?
A knowledge of scratch is not necessary to answer this question, 
but it is helpful to know the following:

1. Assume this code is being applied to an object (e.g. the flappy bird).

What is happening to the flappy bird when the green flag is clicked?

  The flappy bird is falling 'down' in a continuous loop. On pressing 'space' the bird moves upward

  The flappy bird is being vertically lifted into the air at a rate of '2' pixels per second

  The flappy bird is in a continuous loop that doesn't end and therefore the bird will not move at all

  The flappy bird is moving to the left in a loop. On pressing 'space' the bird moves down by '10'

 5. Analyse the scratch code shown. If variable 'lives' was 10. On touching a spider it (lives) will …

  Remain at 0, as you cannot have a variable of -1

  stay the same

  go down to 9

  change to -1

 6. From the following code what can you conclude? (Which statement is most accurate)
Dim Student_Age As Integer = 100
Dim StudentPocketMoney As Decimal = 23.99

  Student pocket money is likely to be a number with a decimal value and age a whole number

  An integer is a whole number and the data type 'Decimal' is a number with a decimal point

  The variable Student_Age has an integer value of 100

  All of the above

 7. In the following python code, if r is radius and V is Volume of a sphere, what is this code doing?
pi = 3.1415926535897931
r= 6.0
V= 4.0/3.0*pi* r**3

  It is printing 'V' which is the volume of the sphere

  It is finding out the value of the radius of the sphere

  None of the above

  It is finding out the value of 'pi' which is always 3.141etc…

 8. The following python code (that you can try yourself) prints out a lot of seven 2s. How would you print 0,1,2,3,4,5,6?

for i in range(x):

  Change the print(y) to print(i)

  This cannot be done

  Change the "for i in range(x)" to "for 6 in range(x)"

  Change the print(y) to print(6)

 9. Which newspaper was read by a higher percentage of females than males in Year 3?

  Daily Echo

  The Herald

  The Tribune

  The Daily Chronicle

 10. In Year 3, how much more than Italy did Germany spend on computer imports?

  800 million

  650 million

  700 million

  600 million

 11. Try out the following code. Why doesn't it work?
age=int(input("Enter age:"))
if age<10:
  print("You are over 10")
  print("You are under 10")

  Because the variable age should always have a decimal value (for example: 2.32 or 33.3)

  It works fine - there are no logic errors

  Because the logic of the 'if' and 'else' is not in the right order

  Because the sign "<" should be the other way round ">"

 12. The first function produces the result 233 and the second one produces 35. Why?
def function1():

def function2():

  None of the above

  function 2 is treating x and y as text and producing a sum of 35

  function1 is treating x and y as text and putting them together rather than adding them.

  function 1 is using a different sort of + sign which doesn't add numbers.

 13. If x = 2, and y = 3, and z=x+x, what would be printed with the command: print(z)





 14. Given the following code, what would happen if the user entered the username:"hello" and the password:"x123"?
def login():
     username=input("Enter username:")
     password=input("Enter password:")
     if username=="hello" and password=="open123":
          print("Access Granted")
          print("Access Denied")


  It would deny them access

  All of the above are possible

  It would grant them access

  It would ask them to login

 15. What is the missing letter in this series: a c e ? i





 16. Find the next number in the following series: 3968 63 8 3





 17. Find the next number in the following series:15 12 13 10 11 8





 18. Find the next number in the series: 1 3 6 10
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 19. Read the following excerpt and select the correct answer.
 Jane has 4 pairs of blue earrings, 
3 pairs of yellow earrings, 
4 pairs of brown earrings, and 
6 pairs of black earrings.

There is a power failure and she can't switch on the light. 
How many earrings is it necessary to pick, before she is 
certain to have a matching pair?





 20. A baguette is to be cut into 10 equal pieces. How many cuts does the baker need to make?