07 - Logical Reasoning #2

 1. Lisa was both the 16th highest and 16th lowest in her mid term exam. How many students are in Lisa's class?





 2. Read the following excerpt and select the correct answer.
 Jane has 4 pairs of blue earrings, 
3 pairs of yellow earrings, 
4 pairs of brown earrings, and 
6 pairs of black earrings.

There is a power failure and she can't switch on the light. 
How many earrings is it necessary to pick, before she is 
certain to have a matching pair?





 3. A baguette is to be cut into 10 equal pieces. How many cuts does the baker need to make?





 4. Read the following excerpt on shoes and select the correct answer
Simone wants a matching pair of shoes from her shoe cabinet 
but has to find it in the dark. She has 3 pairs of blue shoes 
and 2 pairs of green shoes.

What is the maximum number of shoes that she can pick 
before she picks a matching pair?





 5. Find the next number in the following series: 48 63 80 99 120 ?