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Welcome to testandtrack.io - self marking, automated assessment, trackable and specific only to Computer Science and Programming. Get started with 1000s of quizzes, tests and interactive learning. "A flipped learning miracle". The whole syllabus and beyond done for you. Here's a quick start guide, you can see what we're up to here and do please preview all our content and features.


In a few seconds you will have a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Why buy a textbook when you can have 1000s of interactive quizzes that test and track your learning and cover the entire specification. Compete on the leaderboard and climb up the status board with progress points.

Teachers & Employers

Teachers/course leaders: self marking computer science tests. Track them closely by status, average score, rank, class, username, all scores by topic, by wrong/right answer and more. Provide feedback and set coding tasks. It's the absolute all in one computing solution for teachers

Track, Rank, Compete

Tried and tested in the classroom. Boost motivation. See students repeating quizzes to achieve 100% in each quiz for each topic. View ranks, leaderboard scores, wrong/right answers by class, comparative analysis and more. Save 100s of hours of marking. Comprehensive assessment of syllabus.

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Create independent learners. See results improve.

Your markbook and feedback sorted

With comprehensive syllabus coverage that exceeds the capability of any textbook, you can now save 100s of hours on assessment and feedback, as we have this sorted for you. View student progress by username or class at a glance. Provide feedback and receive responses. Each topic has several quizzes in it including a practice test and a final (password protected test) to complete your assessment.

Bring learning to life

Why limit learning to textbooks and youtube videos when it can be interactive, self marking, providing instant feedback and engagement, and genuinely fun! See students repeat tests to improve their status and rank higher. Quizzes include videos, code, interactivity, images and more. There are also practice tests (30+ qs) and password protected (50+ qs) final tests. There is a global and class based leaderboard by rank for each quiz. Start as a turtle and progress in status and points.

See progress, motivation, learning

Students can take self marking quizzes, track their own scores and progress, achieve progress points and move up the status board (they start as a turtle with 0 points!). Improve motivation, engagement and learning. Get their competitive juices flowing as they compete against their peers. It also encourages independent and flipped learning. Tried and tested in the classroom - works with even the least motivated classes.


Even the most unmotivated students were logging on to repeat a test to achieve a 100% and improve their status. Brilliant for learning!

Tracking all students, giving feedback, and evidence of progress all sorted! The wealth of content is astounding - worth several text books, interactive and both inspires and encourages independent learning.


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Earn status points for reporting a genuine test/quiz error. Please mention the level, topic, quiz name and question no.