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ICT Topics


Pre Production

Client requirements

A client is the person you work for. They will tell you what they want you to plan, design or create for them. The Client will set out their requirements that they want you follow when you plan, such as: - Purpose - Theme- Style - Genre - Content.

The client requirements may be given to you in the following ways: -Face to face discussion - Written brief -Script -Specification

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Client Brief

• Written Brief – a short statement of what’s needed.

• Script – for a short film or animation.

• Specification – More detailed, formal, signatures, dates and version numbers.

• Client Discussion – Where you ask the client questions.

Purpose of client requirements

Provides media developer with outline information and any constraints for the project e.g. timescales Clear statement of WHAT is to be produces (although may not explain how) Identify the intention for the product and what should be achieved

Content of Client Requirements

Product – What type of Media product?

Purpose – inform, entertain, advertise, educate, promote?

Content – text, images, logos etc

Theme – Depends on the purpose

Style – May need to be kept in the same style as the rest of a companies products.  

Genre – action/adventure, romance, drama, puzzle, racing…….

Target audience – Age range, genre, without discrimination.

Timescales – deadline date.

Constraints – may have some restrictions.

Key Words:

House style: established brand identify that includes set colour scheme, design styles, fonts and logos. This will need to be followed for consistency when creating a new product.

Target Audience: Usually the FINAL viewer or consumer of the product that is to be created. HOWEVER, if can also be the user of the preproduction document