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High Level and Low Level Languages

In computer science, a high-level programming language is a programming language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer. In contrast to low-level programming languages, it may use natural language elements, be easier to use, or may automate (or even hide entirely) significant areas of computing systems (e.g. memory management), making the process of developing a program simpler and more understandable than when using a lower-level language. 

You've probably seen conferences like this (below) on the news. (source: Wikimedia commons).

You'll notice that the delegates are from various different countries. The headphones are often used when TRANSLATION is needed. If the Japanese delegate needed something translated from English into his own language, a TRANSLATOR would do this job! 


There are "translators" in computing too. Can you think why or when they would be needed? Does a computer "understand" your python or java programming code when you type it in? What does it "understand"?


The difference between the two

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Types of Languages: