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Modelling and Variables

Computer models are in use all around us. Some, like the new football model, focus on sports. Others examine questions about climate and farming. Still others deal with networks, those connections linking people and things. These models suggest who you might want to friend on social-media websites. They recommend news, movies or music online. They even help grocery stores keep popular snacks in stock.

Models need data

Before a computer model can help make sense of the real world, it must have data. The people who make a model also must tell the computer what to do with those data. These experts do that with algorithms.

Variables - values that store data and can change

Computer models also can deal with dynamic situations and changing variables. For example, how likely is it to rain on Friday? A weather model would run its calculations over and over, changing each factor one by one and then in various combinations. After that, it would compare the findings from all the runs.

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