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Naming conventions

Naming conventions result in improvements in terms of "four Cs": communication, code integration, consistency and clarity. The idea is that the name of the digital product or the code "should explain itself". At review meetings, you could then focus on important design decisions rather than argue about naming.

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Naming conventions lead to predictability and discoverability. A common naming convention, coupled with a consistent project structure, makes it easier to find files in a project. 

Why it is important

It is important to be organised when creating and working with various documents. What if you can’t find that really important document you were working on three weeks ago, because you didn’t name it properly? Naming files appropriately with a file name pertinent to what the file is really helps with file management. E.G. if you had created a poster for a photopea campaign in the year 2023, you would name it PhotopeaPoster2023.doc

Naming versions

What if your file gets corrupt and you haven’t got another version? Working with different versions, means that you can revert back to a different version if a file corrupts, or someone tells you they preferred the first design you made. e.g.

PhotopeapPoster2023v1.doc, PhotopeapPoster2023v2.doc, PhotopeapPoster2023v3.doc

Top Tips

  • Save work with clear file names and sensible folder structures
  • Use version control to show the different versions of work