02 - WIFI Components and Hardware

 1. To connect to a Wi-Fi _____ a device must have a wireless network adaptor.





 2. A wireless network adaptor is a _____ component that enables a device to communicate wirelessly over a network.





 3. A wireless network adaptor can be either external (e.g. via a USB port) or internal to the device.



 4. The wireless network adaptor receives and sends data through ...

  a fibre optic cable

  a dish

  an antenna

  a twisted pair cable

 5. The wireless network adaptor can communicate with other devices or a WAP. What does WAP stand for?

  wireless access point

  web assistance point

  webmail activation port

  web access portal

 6. What is a WLAN?

  web linear access network

  webmail linked access network

  wireless local area network

  web limited area network

 7. A WLAN is also popularly referred to as a …


  wireless zone


  coffee shop

 8. There is usually a wired connection or network between the WAP and a router or the WAP and router are combined in one unit.



 9. An 'infrastructure mode' WLAN uses a WAP. An '__ ___ mode' WLAN does not use a WAP and devices communicate with each other directly.

  non temp

  ex nihilo

  per uno

  ad hoc

 10. One limitation of a WLAN is that signals sent and received by the WAP are not transmitted at the same time, reducing the effective bandwidth.