04 - Stages of compilation

 1. What is a compiler?

  A mythical creature

  A program that transforms one computer language into another

  A type of memory

  A type of transformer

 2. What is the first stage of compilation?

  Binary analysis

  Spelling analysis

  Grammatical analysis

  Lexical analysis

 3. High level languages have key words and symbols called a lexicon.



 4. The compiler looks for key words that cannot be broken down further. These are called …





 5. The compiler reads and translates comments.



 6. The compiler produces a token '___'





 7. The second stage is called …

  synthetic analysis

  syntactic analysis

  simultaneous analysis

  synthesised analysis

 8. This second stage involves looking for errors that are noted in the compiler report.



 9. The third stage is called …

  code generation

  binary production

  primary execution

  instruction authoring

 10. In this third stage, each token is …

  automatically corrected to remove errors

  reduced in size

  converted into a high level language

  converted into machine code