08 - Device Drivers

 1. Complete the blanks: a device driver ____ or ____ I/O devices attached to the computer.





 2. Hardware and software are generally produced by the same person, so you don't need to worry about communication between one and the other.



 3. Complete the blank: a device driver provides an _____ between the operating system and other programs and a device.





 4. Device drivers are required for external hardware only (e.g. printer) and are unnecessary for internal hardware (e.g. hard disk or sound card).



 5. In MS Windows, the device drivers will be listed in the …


  disk manager

  event log

  task bar

 6. There might be more than one device driver between the application software and the hardware. Multiple device drivers working together are called a …





 7. An advantage of a device driver is that it will always work fine, even if the hardware or software have been updated.



 8. Virtual device drivers are used to _______ devices.





 9. Virtual device drivers can be used to make a guest operating system think it is accessing real hardware.



 10. Virtual device drivers are also essential for virtual private networks.