01 - System Software

 1. System software provides a '____ ' for other software.




  roof garden

 2. Systems software operates computer …





 3. An operating system is not an example of system software.



 4. What is utility software?

  Software that can be used to create online content

  System software that can be used for various applications

  Software that controls heating, lighting and water in a house

  System software that analyses, configures, optimises or maintais a computer

 5. A device driver is an example of system software.



 6. What is a linker?

  System software that connects primary and secondary storage

  System software that executes hyperlinks

  System software that connections applications

  System software that combines object files into a single file

 7. C is often used for system programming.



 8. Which of these is a system programming language developed by Mozilla?





 9. Translators are examples of system software.



 10. In the example below, the distinction between application and system software …
Chrome OS is an operating system and a browser.

  is very clear

  can be easily defined

  is obvious

  is not very clear