06 - Virtual Storage

 1. What is virtual storage?

  An unresolved problem in computer science

  A type of translucent SSD

  Data that is not stored in binary form

  Treating all storage media as a single pool of storage

 2. Virtual memory uses other storage as an extension of memory to free up RAM.



 3. Who first devised the concept of virtual storage in 1956?

  John Von Neumann

  Fritz-Rudolf Güntsch

  Mark Zuckerberg

  Bill Gates

 4. What are virtual memory addresses?

  A memory address that is randomly generated

  A reference to a specific memory location

  A place in virtual reality

  The geographical location of a data centre

 5. Complete the blank: virtual memory addresses are usually divded into blocks called ____.





 6. The memory management unit translates virtual addresses into physical addresses.



 7. What is thrashing?

  A type of printer error

  Overheating of the hard disk

  A type of RAM error

  Saturation of the virtual memory

 8. Thrashing occurs if the CPU…

  becomes too warm in extreme conditions

  is scratched or otherwise damaged

  spends more time exchanging data in primary and secondary storage than processing applications

  speeds up too rapidly

 9. Thrashing can be stopped by closing down applications.



 10. Why do embedded systems often not use virtual storage?

  In order to reduce the response time

  Because the response time is not important

  Because cooling would occur

  Because virtual storage is too complicated