05 - Assembly Language

 1. Language Translators are used to translate a language into a form that the computer will …




  be able to directly execute

 2. Which of the following statements is true of Assembly Language?

  Has symbolic names for addressing

  Is one step up from machine code (it is not in 1s and 0s)

  Offers mnemonics

  All of the above

 3. What is used to translate assembly code?





 4. What translates the entire source code in one go?





 5. Which language translator is used for low level languages?





 6. Assembly language is made up of predetermined set of commands that can be understood by a human such as:





 7. Each command 'word' translates ….

  directly into electricity signals

  directly into a machine code number

  indirectly into programming code

  directly into python code

 8. Assembly language has a low level of abstraction and is very similar to machine code (e.g there is a direct link between the instruction and machine code it represents)
Note: If you're really interested at this stage, perhaps give this video a watch (and try it out yourself)



 9. The complete set of commands available is called the _________________

  assembly junk of the operating system

  Fond butterfly code

  mindset of the computer

  instruction set of the CPU

 10. The instructions within assembly language are called Mnuecats



 11. Programming in asssembly language is considered:

  still quite difficult as the programmer needs to know about the hardware in the CPU

  the fastest approach to solving a problem that involves the internet

  incredibly easy

  the best sort of programming in use for web development

 12. One disadvantage or issue with assembly language is that the code only works on a specific CPU family. If you use a different CPU you would

  None of the above

  need to re-write the code using a different version of assembly language

  need to make a copy of your old CPU

  not need to rewrite the code at all

 13. The main advantage of assembly language is that it :

  runs slow compared to high level languages which makes it easy to follow

  is soft and cuddly, and therefore programmer's favourite

  runs fast compared to programs written in a high level language as there is less code overall

  is robust and hardy and cannot ever make a mistake (hence it's popular use in spacecraft)

 14. An example of a program that is typically written in assembly language is:

  a personal fitness app for Android

  a device driver

  a website for a government

  an online shop

 15. Device drivers need to be as ______________ as possible which is why assembly language is perfect

  fast and efficient

  slow and careful

  easily understandable in terms of the code

  None of the above

 16. Which of the following is NOT a typical assembly language command.





 17. An example of an assembly code mneumonic is LDA 50 which…

  None of the above

  stores the value 50, fifty times into fifty registers in the CPU

  adds the value 50 to the loaded value before it

  stores (loads) the value 50 into a register in the CPU

 18. In this example: LOAD 0004, it can be said that 'LOAD' is the opcode and the second part 0004 is the memory address



 19. In the command MOV AL 34h…the opcode is the __________ instruction and the other parts are called OPERANDS.

  MOV instruction

  AL instruction

  34h part of the code

  None of the above

 20. Operands are…

  manipulated directly by a high level language command

  little bits of beauty

  manipulated by the opcode

  tiny bits that are used to code in assembly language