History of the Computer

 1. In what modern day country was the abacus invented, around 2700-2300 BC?





 2. What was this ancient Greek mechanism found by archaeologists used for?

  Counting grains of wheat

  Measuring the temperature

  Predicting the positions of stars

  Calculating tax returns

 3. The Islamic Al-Jazari mechanical clock (described in 1206) is thought to be the first re-programmable mechanical computer.



 4. What could this paper device invented by the Franciscan monk Ramon Llull (1232-1315) do?

  Make gold from lead

  Tell the time

  Make logical deductions about God mechanically

  Calculate distances between places

 5. Who developed a logical calculation framework called the 'calculus ratiocinator'?

  Isaac Newton

  Gottfried Leibniz


  Albert Einstein

 6. What machine proposed by Charles Babbage (1791-1871) is said to contain all the essential elements of a modern computer?

  The Locomotive Engine

  The Analytical Engine

  The Colossus


 7. Who first proposed the idea of using digital electronics for computing in 1931?

  Werner Heisenberg

  John Logie Baird

  Charles Babbage

  C. E. Wynn-Williams

 8. What was the first general purpose electronic computer?





 9. The Intel 4004 was the first commercial microprocessor.



 10. The Apple Macintosh computer was named after what?

  A type of coat

  The architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh

  A variety of apple

  A brand of chocolates